October 8, 2015

Oracle iLOM fault management shell

Enter into iLOM fault management shell using below command
 -- Login to ILOM CLI  
 ssh root@ilom_ip_address_of_the_host  
 -- OR, from the host operating system (provided that ipmitool is configured)  
 # ipmitool sunoem cli  
 -- Start the faultmgmt shell  
 -> start /SP/faultmgmt/shell  
 Are you sure you want to start /SP/faultmgmt/shell(y/n)? y  
 -- List the current faults in the system  
 faultmgmtsp> fmadm faulty -a  
 -- Clear the fault using below command (fmadm repair UUID)  
 fmadm repair /SYS/MB/PCIE1  
 -- Re-run the command to confirm any further fault in the system  
 faultmgmtsp> fmadm faulty -a  
 No faults found  
 faultmgmtsp> exit  

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