October 1, 2015

Oracle Exadata Documentation

Till today, I saw a lot of people wonders and look for Exadata documentation.

Exadata documentation is publicly available for sometimes and available here: Oracle Exadata Database Machine Documentation

Within the Oracle Exadata Database Machine Documentation  followings are two very important areas (IMHO) anyone should go through even before start working with Exadata -

Along with the documentation (stated above), followings are the starting point for anyone working with Exadata –

My Oracle Support Notes
-- Exadata Database Machine and Exadata Storage Server Supported Versions (Doc ID 888828.1)
-- Exadata Critical Issues (Doc ID 1270094.1)
-- Responses to common Exadata security scan findings (Doc ID 1405320.1)

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please always consult My Oracle Support & Exadata Documentation. They are live documents and updated regularly based on the technology changes.

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